I'm Katy, I'm a 17 year old moderate Independent, and I am proud to say I have a conscience and a mind of my own.
On this blog you will find plenty of political opinions of mine, a few arguments that I try to keep civil, and various things related to Glee and stuff I just find funny. I try hard to be open minded and not force my opinion on other people and merely state it for the record. I hate fighting and I very rarely pull the annoying move of reblogging someone else's post to fight with them! If you want to know more about my politics, check out my "Stances" page. If you want to know more about me, check out my "About." Feel free to ask me whatever you need to know!

I wish I could follow all of you guys back but since I have x,xxx followers it's kind of impossible :( Just know I appreciate every single one of my followers!

Also, I'm admittedly not perfect, and I don't know everything! You aren't either, and you don't know everything either! So, let's help each other out civilly! No one likes when someone is rude while correcting them. It doesn't have to be that way, don't accept it as reality. It's actually very immature to be rude while trying to provide correction! So I won't if you won't! :)

"I wish every gun owner would just shoot themselves"

"All meat eaters should be killed in a mass genocide"

"You are a bad person for being born a white male who is comfortable in his own body"

All this…and I make her sick?

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    What the actual hell did I just read up there? Is this person human or a troll or just that stupid?
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    I’m legitimately concerned about the Holocaust one… I need to believe she’s a troll, because no one can be that...
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    Someone needs to find her and see if she actually is insane-she is making absolutely no sense. Is she capable of...
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    You deserved that rant. She is insane.
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    Choose to be a lesbian? CHOOSE? Fuck you. You don’t choose your sexuality anymore than you choose your ethnicity or the...