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I have a number of issues with illegal immigrants, and I can’t believe anyone would support them coming here. Here are some ignorant arguments made by people who think illegal immigrants deserve to sneak over the border and rob us:

  1. "They do the jobs no one else would do! There is literally no American citizen that would do these jobs!" 
    Okay. They do some pretty low, menial jobs. But there are millions of legal American citizens, tax-paying citizens, who are out of work. And these people are getting desperate. And a lot of these people haven’t had the opportunity to earn a degree or even attend college/university, so they aren’t professionals, they’re just people looking for work. Any work. And illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from legal American citizens. Trying to brush it off as, “Oh, no one would do that job anyway!” is ridiculous and one of the worst arguments I have ever heard. Of course someone would do the same job the illegal immigrants are doing, they just don’t have the chance because some illegal immigrant took it from them. 
  2. "They are coming here for a better life! They need to come here to survive! You’re racist!"
     Are they? I mean, first of all, they may have had no evil intentions at all. I’m sure most illegal immigrants are decent people who needed to escape a bad situation. I can recognize and respect that. But how much “better” is life in a country where you don’t speak the language, work a menial dead-end job for minimum wage, live in poverty, and constantly fear arrest because you are living there illegally? I understand that life in some countries is horrible. If you must move here, please do so legally. Please become an American citizen. 

There you have it. I’ve stated my honest opinion on illegal immigrants, and I’ve mostly made this post to state my opinion, not to get into an argument or offend anyone. I just believe that a country with sealed borders, where illegal immigrants cannot get in, would be on a better track than our country. Not for racial reasons, not to discriminate against foreigners, not to be xenophobic. But because a country where legal citizens can work and pay taxes in a fair, legal manner is bound to be successful. A country where illegal immigrants steal jobs from that country’s own citizens and do not pay taxes is bound to deteriorate. Human compassion has to start from within. Have some compassion for America’s citizens, instead of everyone else in the world, for once.